Jennifer’s Round Trips

Why have I created this blog?  Well, I love to travel, and it’s more of a personal journal about all of the fun & exciting adventures I’ve been on.  Hopefully you’ll gain one or two ideas that might spark your travel senses and will be helpful for your future road trips.

I tribute my sense of adventure to my father who has taken me hiking, camping and snow skiing all over our home state of New Mexico, since I was nine years old.  From camping at White Sands National Monument, to snow skiing at Taos, we covered a lot of ground.  Those were some down-to-earth fun times with Mother Nature.

One memory was when my father took me for skiing lessons in Red River, a fun little resort town in Northern NM.  Before the weekend was over, the instructor had me singing “I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy.  I’m sure it was quite a sight to see a 10-year-old speeding down the mountain roaring “I Am Woman” lol.

I remember another time my father and I went hiking with a group of people in the San Pedro Mountains here in NM.  Camping and sleeping in a tent was so much fun as a kiddo.  Now, as an adult, I prefer the comfort of at least a three-star bed lol.  Yes, I’ve stayed in places that are worthy of two-stars or less, and will probably write about them in due time.

Oh, and then one summer, dad took me to Idaho Falls, Idaho to visit my cousins.  I was about twelve years old, and CB Radios were a big deal.  My uncle had a CB in his suburban, and it was very eye-opening for me and my cousins to hear some of the conversations between all of the truckers!  When we’d go on day trips, my uncle would let us tune in and say “10-4” once in a while; I think it was so that we would quit pestering him.

After I was married, my husband and I would go on weekend trips to various destinations, mostly in Northern New Mexico, but sometimes we’d venture into our neighboring states. Then after we had children, we continued to indulge our love for travel, and started taking them on road trips with us.  We’d plan a new trip or two every summer.

We’ve always enjoyed seeing new places and being out in the fresh air.  Now that we are “empty nesters”, we seem to travel even more.  Driving for 500 miles or for 6 hours is now a normal jaunt for us.

Ninety-nine percent of my excursions have been here within the United States.  We have a huge country with a lot of acreage to cover and discover. There’s over 280 million acres of land located in our State and National Parks and Forests!  My travel bucket list is to visit as many of these as I can…and I have a long way to go!  I hope you’ll join me and follow my journeys; perhaps they will inspire you to create some new travel adventures of your own.